United Nations ambassador VItaly I. Churkin spoke the other day on recent events and on the relations between Russia and the United States. He believes the situation is as bad as it was over 40 years ago when the Arab-Israeli conflict almost brought the two super powers to military confrontation.

The two powers have been rattling their sabres at each other in different battlegrounds, quite reminiscent of the Cold War. Instead of Korea and Vietnam, they are on Ukraine and Syria. President Putin has been pushing to see what President Obama would not take, and so far has proven that he can do whatever he likes. Sanctions have been slapped, yet that only really does damage to the common Russian, not Putin. Putin can do as he likes short of all-out war against the US and appears to get away with it.

This begs the question: what will solve the issues like Syria that face Russia and the US? Can diplomacy work, as it has failed for the last year, or does Obama need to take a more aggressive stance against the former Soviet Union? Can relations become stronger without military intervention? This remains to be seen, though all can agree that the hope is for diplomacy to win out.

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