Tensions have arisen over the long-awaited take back of Mosul, IS’s last major city held in Iraq. This is a joint operation between Iraqi forces and Kurdish forces, which has proven problematic. On Monday, Kurdish forces began the attack with advances into nine surrounding villages. Today as they prepared for their next attack, however, they criticized the Iraqi forces saying they had not “moved even a bit.”

The plan, it seems, was for the Kurdish forces to take some surrounding villages, and the Iraqis to take others. However, Iraqi equipment is still “covered in tarps” and doesn’t look to be moving any time soon. They claim that they are waiting for the Kurds to finish before they take action.


This could be a huge complication in what will be a very significant and lengthy take-over. Hopefully the Kurdish forces and Iraqi forces are able to pull through and work together. If not, the result could be catastrophic.