We are now about 20 days from Election Day. As of right now, Hillary Clinton is the heavy favorite, and she knows it. Today, two reputable polls have Clinton crushing Trump by double digits. No nominee has never overcame a deficit so large. It seems that many political insiders are beginning to believe that the race is essentially over.  Hillary Clinton and the Democrats smell the blood in the water as Trump flounders in his own sea of controversies. The state of the race is so favorable for Clinton that she is now devoting resources to down-ballot races. Not only is she in a position to devote resources in helping other Democrats, she is also sending top surrogates and money to typically red states like Arizona and Texas. Clinton strategy is to humiliate the Republicans in order to have the upper hand when it comes to appointing Supreme Court justices and passing legislation. If I were running the campaign, I honestly would not bother trying to flip other states. All she needs to do is defend the states that are leaning her way. It might be a trap for Trump, though. Clinton has a large war chest, a war chest much larger than Trump’s. By devoting attention into vulnerable red states, she forces Trump to devote his smaller resources to defend states he should win instead of the states that he needs to win. The fact that this is happening must be shocking to an already derailing Trump train.

Although it seems that the race is over, it is not.  Trump has a devoted voter base that will never leave him. All it takes for this race to be flipped on its head is a terrorist attack or a bombshell regarding Clinton’s various scandals. Hillary’s strategy may end up resulting in landslide victory, but it could also cost her dearly if an unforeseen event shakes the campaign once more.

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