Many are aware of the tapes released recently that involve presidential candidate Donald Trump discussing women in a derogatory, vulgar, and disgusting way. Many people have responded to this news. Several Republican senators and representatives stepped back and stated that they would no longer be supporting Trump. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan came forward and spoke out against Trump. Trump and his followers have responded with anger to these peoples actions. In addition to these influential people taking a stand, this article reveals that they aren’t the only ones taking a stand after this inappropriate occurrence.

In this article, Michael Barbaro examines and discusses how Trumps costumers are now taking a stand. He discusses two different people who, after hearing of the release of these tapes, canceled reservations at Trump hotels for vacations, choosing to stay somewhere else rather than endorse Trump in any way. One of those who chose to do this, a Mr. Gold said the following, “For me it’s an ethical statement.” It is interesting to see the public take such actions to make a statement against Trump after hearing these tapes. It is noble in that it not only says that these comments were inappropriate and unprofessional, but also reveals that many people will not stand for the treatment of women in a negative way.