ExoMars, an orbiter to mars entered orbit recently.  The spacecraft was made by European and Russian agencies and its purpose is to look for methane and other gasses on the planet.  The orbiter was paired with a lander which has not been heard from since landing but this could just be because of a weak signal.  There are many space crafts on mars and orbiting mars, all with different missions and purposes.  NASA plans to send some more in 2018 and India, China, and the UAE are also planning to launch things into space.

Although it is amazing to hear about space exploration, it requires us to ask ourselves why we are spending too much time, money and resources on exploring mars.  The small red planet may certainly be interesting but there are perhaps better uses for the huge amount of money that we are spending on researching it.  I love learning about space just as much as the next person, but until poverty is eradicated and all diseases are cured, there has to be an activity or mission that takes priority over measuring methane gasses on mars.

I’m not saying that space exploration is bad.  I want to know what out there as much as the next person, but now may not be the time—not with so much going on in the world.

ExoMars Spacecraft Enters Orbit Around Mars as Word From Lander Is Awaited