Lately, Donald Trump has been trying to shift the blame of his failing campaign to the democratic system. He has repeatedly insisted that if he loses the election it will be because the system was rigged against him and he was robbed of the election. He has done this in the past, in the primary system when he was losing to Ted Cruz in several key students. However, the implications of what he is doing in the general election could have long lasting consequences. America has always had a peaceful transition of power, and some would argue that this is what separates the American Democracy.

The assumption that our government is working against the people, that donald trump is suggesting, could lead to more violent exchanges of power because people will refuse to believe that the other side has won. This is a scary thought. He is the first presidential candidate to threaten to lock up his opponent, he is the first to openly question the integrity of our election process and his followers may continue his forms of extremism long after he is no longer running for president. The dissatisfaction that he is spreading to his base might jeopardize the election process and could further destabilize the American democratic system.