Mr. Trump has made many statements regarding foreign policy the media has capitalized on over the course of his campaign. He’s promised to build a wall between the US and Mexico, threatened to leave the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and proposed to kill the families of terrorists. While experts shake their heads at Mr. Trump’s recommendations, many in the crowd cheer. Why?

While many of his promises lack the support of policy experts,”Mr. Trump’s foreign policy is…a vessel for reaching voters on a purely ideological level.” His foreign policy views play very well to the “hawkish” crowd who value security, conformity, and tradition. There may not be clear reasoning to making his promises come about, but they placate the fears of the American people. From my perspective however, his promises seem dangerous. No matter the fears he soothes with his words, I believe many of his foreign policy ideas will only incite violence. Foreign policy is often low on the list of considerations for many in regards to which candidate to vote for. I believe it should play a bigger role in our decision making because the impact of his foreign policy could be devastating to our relationships with countries around the world.

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