On Monday in India, at least 20 people were killed due to a hospital fire. The source of the fire is still unknown, yet a city police inspector claims that the fire may have started in the dialysis unit when there was a short-circuit. The patients died of breathing in carbon monoxide from the fire. Once the fire broke out, employees tried to fight the fire for about 30 minutes while waiting for firefighters to arrive on the scene. Fires are common in India, yet the firefighters took 30 minutes to arrive. In the case of an emergency such as this one, the firefighters need to arrive sooner in order to help save the lives of the hospital patients.

As a result of the fire, four staff members, a fire officer and an electrician were suspended by the hospital administration. This is not the first time that India has had a fatal fire in a hospital. Back in 2011, 94 people died in a hospital fire and several hospital officials were charged with culpable homicide. The actions regarding the latest fire still remain to be seen. I personally believe that India needs to do a more thorough job of enforcing public safety across their country in order to prevent future accidents and deaths.