Britain has lead the world in research and science for decades. Brexit may be changing Britain’s ability to participate in the EU’s scientific community including long-term funding, cross-boarder mobility, and international collaboration. Britain’s many scientific research programs have benefited greatly from being a part of the EU. In years past they received around $3.7 Billion in funding from different bloc programs. The difficultly in finding funding is causing some research companies to move their headquarters. Foreign researchers are rejecting job offers in Britain and many current employees are looking elsewhere for work. FT_Brexit_01

Time will tell how cutting ties with the EU has affected Britain and how it will continue to change things for British citizens. The medical industry will be greatly affected by the change in venue for research. The economy will continue to see the effects of cutting ties with the EU. Hopefully not all is lost and the researchers, scientists, and universities in Britain will find a way to recover some of their relationships and find funding and cooperation for future research. Further information found here.