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ExoMars 2016 is a mission of European and Russian space agencies that has been building spacecraft to land on Mars later today.
The plan is for an orbiter and a lander to reach the planet on Wednesday October 19, with the orbiter observing Mars from above, measuring gases in the atmosphere. This information could reveal to us more about possible life on Mars, as well as clues of the geology of that planet.

The landing spacecraft is testing out conditions for future missions. The temperature, humidity, wind and dust conditions, and more will be measured and reported.

NASA has Rovers on Mars and has for many years, which makes me curious as to what this mission will learn that NASA doesn’t know. But I am also curious as to what NASA does know! I haven’t heard much about Mars, but now that I hear of this news, I might have to go look it up. This article explains the organic chemicals essential to life that NASA’s rover “Curiosity” has discovered, which is an interesting thing to note. I think that this new lander from Russia and Europe could give us even more clues as to what exactly exists on this planet.

The exploration of space won’t stop there, other missions are already planned for release into the atmosphere of Mars in these coming years, and it will be exciting to hear what is discovered.

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