A new show in China, called “Always on the Road”, details the past lives and corruption of arrested Chinese government officials.  It talks about how they got away with the party boy life while preaching modesty and simple living.  The convicts themselves make appearances on the show and often they talk about their remorse.  One official talked about what a tragedy it was that he was in jail when he was just about to retire.

Some of the extravagance includes crocodile tails, expensive liquor, jade, and other bribes.  The show details how they got away with living like this in secret.  These once great and respected leaders are shamed on a public television show.  It is meant as a warning and to set a precedent for leaders to come.

President Xi Jinping makes frequent appearances on the show.  He is meant to act as the symbol and example of everything proper and honest.  His modest and simple way of life is meant to contrast the arrested officials.