Three men armed with guns and suicide vests entered a Pakistani Police College in Quetta. They simply killed one of the watch tower guards and walked in. The Pakistan officials acted quickly, and within four hours had cleared the building. However, two of the men did manage to detonate their suicide vests, while the third was shot. The gunfire and explosions took the lives of 61 people and left 120 seriously wounded. It is also being said that the death toll could raise because of the seriousness of some of the injuries.

This attack is the second recent attack against some kind of Pakistan officials. Just two months ago a hospital was attacked where dozens of people were killed. This says to me that the Islamic State sees the countries in which they preside as a threat. However, they also see them as vulnerable. US military bases are not attacked as often as local bases. This is probably because of the sear strength of the United States Military. What can be done about this? Should there be stronger alliances between US forces and local Middle Eastern forces? Maybe then there would be less attacks on police, doctors, and military forces. What scares me is the fact that attacks on these types of targets are becoming more common. It seams that maybe the Islamic State has found a weakness, and are planning to continue attacks on local officials.

New York Times Article