Desertification-in-China-01-990x660.jpgMany villages have been completely lost and vanished in China due to the climate change which resulted in desertification. Human activities in China have been affecting the pace of the desertification of some of its areas, where deserts have been growing in critical areas. China has been experiencing drought across its northern areas and is becoming more dry everyday, which resulted in 21,000 square miles more sand and arid regions since 1975.

Tengger, a well known desert in China, has been expanding inevitably and combining to other deserts near it, which can result in a catastrophic and ruined region where no one can inhabit.

Ever since desertification started, almost 30,000 people have been resettled because of their regions becoming uninhabitable as a result of climate change. However, a lot of inhabitants living on the borders of China have been trying to resolve this issue by planting more trees in the area. Specialists have claimed that agriculture helps resolve this issue, however, it won’t stop it. Planting trees would only slow down desertification but it is not the solution. Serious change must take place in China, such as limitations of human activities, in order for it to not wipe-out more regions in the country. Also, not only are areas being wiped out, but also many climate refugees have been fleeing the areas affected because it becomes very difficult to live in, which affects the social situation of the Chinese people in these regions.