In the United States, each state has their own set of voter laws. Recently, Wisconsin has been under scrutiny for their restrictive elections law. The election law has been said to target latinos and blacks, to keep them from voting. Wisconsin had a law that requires photo identification to be presented at the polling places, which many latinos and blacks don’t have. As a result, Wisconsin allowed their residents to apply for a voting ID card. These so-called “discriminatory practices” could make a difference in the upcoming election. Many residents have been turned away and cannot vote in time for the election. Approximately 300,000 Wisconsin residents lack the necessary credentials needed to vote. The problem is with the discrepancies between polling places. Residents have been turned away from polling places even though there are signs that say no ID required to vote. The state voting laws need to be revised so there is uniformity. It would be interesting to see how many voters will be turned away nationally because of voter laws and not just in Wisconsin.19voter1-master768.jpg


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