The issues Europe is facing in regards to immigration are nothing new. France is one of the countries hardest hit in this regard, but this week plans were set in motion, starting with the clearing of what is known as the Jungle. The Jungle is situated in Calais, close to the English Channel, with immigrants hoping to smuggle their way over and into England, where they believe jobs and wealth are in abundance. This area has grown into a small village of immigrants, and was largely ignored by the French government, until now.

The Jungle has been cleared. Or at least it will be soon. On Monday, the government relocated 1/4 of the squalid camp’s population. Today, the government plans to “start demolishing and clearing its flimsy shacks, fields of tents and piles of trash”. The people themselves are being moved to dozens of towns and villages across France. While some still hope to flee to Britain and seek asylum, many are realizing now that where they are is safe and that France may be the best place to be.


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