The ever anticipated evacuation of the northern French Jungle is finally underway. Despite to steps taken by the French government, we’re definitely no closer to finding an answer to the migrant question.

“We don’t want them” screamed habitants of small villages dotted across northern France. Nevertheless, l’Élysée has ordered more than 6,000 migrants to settle in 450 installments throughout the hexagon. The disapproval and refusal by Hollande to adhere to the opposition is another example of the Parisian superiority, angering the village folk assigned to welcome to homeless.

Anger is rising in Europe as world leaders still haven’t made any head way, and are failing to resolve the dilemma of the thousands of displaced individuals searching for refuge. Though the Jungle is gone, the lost inhabitants of it are not. What can the EU do? What is the United Kingdom’s role post Brexit? What should the United States do?

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