Last Thursday, Russia called for a cease-fire in Aleppo, Syria.  They intended for this cease-fire to be seen as a gesture of good-will and to give a short window of time in which innocent civilians as well as those rebel fighters involved in the war could have the opportunity to escape the devastated city if they so desired.  However, the people within Aleppo were so scared that Russia was only using this as a ruse to drop even more bombs that there were hardly any who actually dared to flee the city.

Russia has been on the side of the Syrian government for the most part of this civil war, and has been helping the government bomb cities like Aleppo.  Russia initially allowed this cease-fire so that humanitarian work could be done to help the innocent civilians in Aleppo.  However it seems so that so many families were too fearful of the fact that they might be attacked on their way out of the city.

Civilians in Aleppo have stated that they don’t trust the Russian government.  Those in Aleppo who are part of the rebel forces fighting against the Syrian government refuse to leave the city because they’re so involved in their cause.  This creates a devastating situation in which thousands of innocent people are trapped in a city being bombed over and over again.  Not only are these rebel fighters determined to stay and fight, all of these innocent civilians don’t want to leave their homes and possessions behind.

The matter really isn’t as simple as it seems.  It’s not easy for thousands of people to just leave a city, to leave their homes, and to leave their entire lives behind.  It’s sad to think about how long this civil war has been going on, and we can only hope that it will be resolved soon.

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