As the election enters its final two weeks, it surprised many to see Donald Trump taking time to attend ribbon-cutting ceremonies. Trump has also dragged the press around to visit his numerous hotels and golf courses. This has led to many to speculate about whether Trump is already looking past the election. Perhaps Trump, seeing a Clinton victory likely, is already planning for life after November 8th. His promotion of his brand and his new Facebook news channel seems to support the notion that his endgame is too make a profit from his presidential run. He knows he has a devoted fan base that will follow him and support him long after the election. The boasting of his brand has been criticized by many on the right as an attempt to swindle his followers. Although it seems that Trump has an endgame, his campaign stresses that these promotional tours are a way of showing the county how successful his properties are. He has been doing this all year; however, his promotions would at least have something to do with the campaign. That has changed. His conference lack the political threads that existed earlier in the year, which is another signal that he is preparing for life after the election. Although his chances are slim, Trump should do less promoting, and instead, do some more campaigning.