This could be the new face of ISIS. Isis has had influence in Somali over the last year and is looking to further it’s influence in the area. Isis, however, is not the only militant radical group. In fact, they are looking to draw recruits from the other radical groups tied to al Qaeda.

There is a war of sorts taking place between the different “jihadist factions”. Al Qaeda and ISIS are two of the larger factions in the region terrorizing and recruiting. ISIS’ influence in the country is prevalent, but it still remains inferior. ISIS survives and expands through recruitment. This form of recruitment is quite different. It’s a bribe.

“Islamic State has offered promises of an easier life: lower taxes, more tolerance for substance abuse and fewer political diatribes.” It has been reported that there isn’t a huge group biting on the promise, but that there have been several hundred who have at least assisted in getting this deadly ball rolling. A large part of this bribe is the promise of “a purer holy way” more independent of politics.

Islamic State influence is spreading throughout northern Africa and gaining influence in Nigeria as well. As one of the fastest growing regions of the world, this could prove problematic at a later date as northern Africa grows in population. somali-isis