Perhaps the biggest lapse of judgement that has plagued Secretary Clinton’s presidential run is the reoccurring problem of leaked emails. The latest leak released through wikileaks shows a more complicated picture then what was being shared previously. President Obama had claimed that he was unaware that Hillary was using a private email server and was gravely concerned when he learned about it via the media. However, in the latest email release, several emails from Clinton staffers revealed that President Obama had indeed received emails from Clinton’s private server.

This shows that President Obama most likely was aware that she was not using her government issued email address. I don’t think this is more evidence that Hillary should be in jail because there is NO precedent from previous secretary of state’s action’s that would suggest that what she did was worthy of jail time. This is not to say that what she did was unprecedented, but that other secretaries had done similar things(not exactly the same, but similar) and none of them had ever been prosecuted.

I do think when she becomes president, this email problem will continued to arise and jeopardize her legitimacy to lead as President. I think that this, like Watergate, will continue to grab headlines during her presidency and could eventually result to something more serious. The fact that these email leaks will not affect the results in the current presidential elections is not concerning because honestly, anything is better than trump. However, the continuous leaks of Hillary’s mistake will plague her presidency and i think will cause more disruption once the major distraction of candidate trump is our of the picture.