According to the NY Times, Asylum seekers on their way to Australia are being intercepted and sent on boats to Nauru or Papua New Guinea indefinitely. Policy makers have been accused of being torturers for denying the refugees entrance into their country.


The refugees in Papua New Guinea and Nauru seem to be in a waiting place, simply waiting and hoping for resettlement somewhere where they can have a future. Papua New Guinea is ordering the refugees to be sent elsewhere. Australia has paid Cambodia $42 million to resettle refugees and thus far only two refugees have been successfully resettled. If the refugees cannot be sent to Australia’s neighbors, they are sent home to war-torn countries with only an even tougher and more dangerous road to asylum ahead.

Refugees are being rejected from most countries because of their overwhelming numbers. I imagine myself, my friends, and my family as refugees. Forced to flee my home, my country, my school, my neighborhood, for dangerous desserts and mountains to try to escape. Once we’ve survived ISIS, bombings, rape, war crimes, and other horrific trials, we finally cross a dangerous ocean and survive, only to be rejected, denied and sent back. The refugee situation today needs to be made personal. It needs to be considered a human conflict, instead of political and economic. I believe that all countries need to do what they can to share the burden, instead of forcing it on the few neighbors willing to open their boarders.