bn-qk812_aleppo_p_20161024170852Satellite imagery earlier this year showed Aleppo is Syria’s most damaged city according to a World Bank report released earlier this year. Out of six Syrian cities assessed, Aleppo accounted for 58% of the destruction in the housing, health, education, water and energy sectors. As of March 2016, 29% of the residential buildings have been either damaged or destroyed, according to the World Bank.

This was the most depressing and eye-opening article about the effect the war in Syria is having on civilians. There were pictures depicting thousands of crowded graves springing up all over Aleppo, elderly living in bombed-out homes, and children crying and carrying water from wells. Syrian and Russian forces implemented a humanitarian pause last week to let aid into the besieged eastern neighborhoods and allow residents there to leave. But no aid was delivered during the three days, and, on Thursday, a regime sniper shot at several civilians who attempted to move to the government-controlled side of the city. There seems to be no hope for innocent Syrians. This article made me want America to get much more involved in the crisis.

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