Obviously the United States’ relationship with the Russian Federation has become incredibly tense. Many claim that we are in a new Cold War. Russia continues to provoke the United States using tactics ranging from flying military aircraft much to close to our Navy ships to making threatening statements. However, they are not only attempting to strike fear in America and the West, but also their own people. A four day civil defense drill took place earlier this month and a couple weeks ago, government officials and politicians were encouraged to bring back to Russia any family members living out of the country. According to The New York Times, “Clearly, the Kremlin is deliberately creating a sense of impending war by having its own media insist that NATO has put Russia under threat — from the military alliance itself and its democratic ethos.” The U.S. is opposed to the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula and Russia’s alliance with Bashar al-Assad’s violent regime. The U.S. also cannot tolerate Russia’s airstrikes against innocent civilians in Syria. However, Russia takes our challenge to its atrocities as grounds for war. They seem to want it and are trying to scare their citizens into believing it is inevitable. Why would it be in Russia’s interest to go to war? Are they provoking the United States and the West in order to get us to retaliate.

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