You slowly change into your burial robes. Your heart is grim, cold, and slightly disturbed as you prepare yourself for your death. The lights dim as you walk and arrive at your makeshift coffin. You get in, and see a man in black ever so slowly walking towards you. He takes the wooden slate, slides it on top, and begins to nail the lid down. The sound of pounding was excruciating and the dim light faded into complete darkness. There you lay in nothingness for what seems like forever. Your heart once filled with coldness begins to see the brief moments of joy pass through your memory. You begin to feel once again why you wanted to be here, living.

Since 2012, 12,000 Koreans have come through the Hyowon Healing Center to test out their own death. After watching a instructional video and listening to a lecture, participants are led down a dimly lit corridor to their coffins. A man in black then comes and nails them in, leaving them encased for 10 minutes each. Participants with suicidal tendencies, terminal illnesses, and other feelings of grief come and gain a new sense of motivation for life. Do you think this is an effective method to help treat psychological ailments? Would you go and try out your own death?

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