Ever since Trump’s controversial debate remarks about the transition of power, interviews with Trump supporters at rallies and other campaign events over the past week have demonstrated a rise in revolution minded voters. Many voters proclaimed that they would do whatever it takes to make sure that Clinton does not go into office, even if she was declared the winner on November 8th. As illustrated by one voter, “…do whatever needs to be done to get her out of office, because she does not belong there.” Additionally, many Trump supporters are echoing their leader’s words, suggesting that polls foreseeing a Clinton victory do not reflect a “silent majority” of Trump supporters that will turn out in droves on Election Day. Pro-Trump news sites are also declaring that Trump can in no way lose, and that the only way he could would be through voter fraud. Another Trump supporter stated that, “Sometimes reformation comes through bloodshed,” in a statement responding to what he would do if Clinton infringed on his Second Amendment rights. It seems to me that the Trump voters are harboring a lot of hypocrisy, especially in regards to their avid condemnation of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the violence that often spurs from their protests. It seems that bloodshed, violence, and hooliganism is only acceptable when it’s for a cause Trump voters deem worthy. What do you think these new developments in Americans proclaiming revolution if Clinton wins the election say about where America is headed?

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