Hillary Clinton is barely leading Donald Trump in early voting… Wait… Early Voting? Yes. The majority of states allow some form of early voting. Early voting is simply voting before election day. Those not currently living in their state may vote this way. Here, states allow a mail-in vote. Another type of early voting includes in-person voting. This is where states allow voters to come to a polling place and vote without an excuse. This is all to get more people to vote. In 2008, 30% of voters used the option of early voting. In 2012, that rose slightly to 32%.

As the election comes down to the wire, early voting may have a huge impact. Early voting polls allow voters to see a leader in the race. On Election Day, voters may know that their candidate is losing or winning. If their candidate is losing, they are more likely to show up and vote. If their candidate is winning, they might think it’s okay to not vote. Whatever the case, early voting does not always determine the winner. This is because there are always more voters on Election Day. Today, though Trump may lead Texas, Clinton still has a chance to take it. Also, Clinton now leads North Carolina, but Trump voters may show up big on Election Day. In all the crazy early voting, your best guess is as good as the polls.

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/31/us/politics/early-voting-trump-clinton.html?ref=politics