Hillary Clintons email scandal has once again made headlines recently. The scandal never really went away but it seems that it is taking precedence in the news. These emails seem to be a never ending ghost of Hillary’s past that she is unable to get passed. If you don’t know anything about these emails, then you can open any news outlet and learn more.

Back in June, the FBI decided not to prosecute Clinton over the email issue. This made a lot of people upset at the same time as making a lot of people relieved that the whole ordeal would finally be done with. Just this past weekend, the FBI has decided to open the case again and has issued a warrant that gives them access to a computer used by one of Clintons aids that supposedly has some of the deleted emails on.

Many people have said that no one should be able to run for President of the United States while being investigated by the FBI. What do you think? Will this latest information have a negative impact on the Clinton campaign this close to voting?


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