Migrants were met with strong opposition n the small town 80 miles outside of Croisilles, France. This small town, of only 1,900 people, protested the migrants arrival into France, even carrying banners that declared “No migrants in Croisilles!” One protestor was quick to defend his participation in the protest, declaring he and others are simply attempting to defend French identity.

These are just an example of many protests that have been taking place throughout the world. Since the Syrian Refugee crisis, which has displaced millions of people, there has been an visible increase of islamophobia and xenophobia against foreigners. Migrants have been labeled as threats and a danger to national security and to the normal way of life  of its citizens. Europe has seen a significant increase of such events, with events such as Brexit and the protests against Angela Merkel and the 1,000,000 migrants she has admitted into Germany.

This is a very significant development in world government as there is increased fear and apprehension against foreigners. This could further complicate international relations among countries and could threaten the normal way of life within individual borders. One of the most notable figures to spread this ideology is Donald Trump, who may be elected as the President of the United States next week. It will be interesting to see how much further this xenophobia will grow in the coming years.


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