Bashar al-Assad confidently said, to visitors of his palace this weekend, that he plans to stay in power until the year 2021. Along with this statement, Assad made many other comments that all portrayed his casualness to the current situation in Syria. It seemed that he didn’t care or stress much about the war. He sounded confident that the government will shortly regain control of the entire country, and destroy the rebels. He also made comments that hinted to his enjoyment of the war, claiming that many good things have come from it.

This is quite disgusting in my opinion. How can a “leader” turn face to such evil things happening in his country. How can someone have such little care for human life? And the fact that this “leader” plans to do this for at least another five years is terrifying. I am interested to hear the United States’ reaction to his comments as they slowly become more public. This will not be well received on US soil, seeing that many of the US operations have been aimed to get rid of Assad. What will be done about all of this? Does this mean that the Syrian Conflict will also last another five years minimum? We can only pray that it doesn’t.

New York Times Article