The President of the ethnic Serb region in Bosnia, Milorad Dodik, was once revered by the US as a “breath of fresh air” for his promises to unify Bosnia and bring peace to the country. Now, however, he’s changed his mind. Recently, Dodik has said that if his region doesn’t gain more power, it will hold an independence referendum. He has also become disillusioned with the idea of joining the European Union, calling Europe “very depressing.” Recently he has also distanced himself from the US, claiming that he won’t be our “laboratory rabbit” and that “nobody can stop [them]” from achieving the independence they desire.


This presents the popular question; Does the US meddle too much in the affairs of other countries? Does it have the right to if the things it suggests are going to increase the prosperity of the country? As Westerners, I believe it is important that we do not shove our ideals on developing countries. Although Bosnia could have been a great American asset, I think it’s really none of our business to push a country to join the EU or unify. However, with their slowing economy and their young leaving, many justify the US’s interests as simple benevolent “help.”

Do you think the US should be less present in internal affairs abroad? Or do we, as a dominant nation, have the responsibility to help other countries?