We have heard sometimes that ignorance is bliss. That is, until what ignored is a large problem. I have, at times, felt like just ignoring the constant debates, persecution, and name calling that have come as a result of the current presidential race. As tempting as this sounds, I also know that as a citizen of the U.S. it is my privilege to vote and that I must be knowledgeable about each candidate to cast my honest vote. China has felt the temptation to ignore the verbal accusations and attacks of the current nominees, but have failed so far to project the consequences in the case that either of the popular nominees are elected.

Both candidates have made comments about U.S.-China relations. Not many of them have been cautious with China. The two have finally been able to agree on something! China would have less of an influence in America. Due to high rates of Chinese businesses entering our markets on our soil, both of the candidates feel that sanctions on China would mean a stronger America.

China assumes, as with every other U.S. president since Nixon, that relations between the two countries will remain the same. If China would open their ears a little bit and prepare themselves for reality, maybe it won’t hurt as much when the U.S. takes a different course of action than in the past.

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