C.L. "Butch" Otter, Hamdi Ulukaya

The founder of Chobani Yogurt Company, Hamdi Ulukaya, is a Turkish immigrant who is living the American dream and striving to help others to do the same. With facilities in New York and Idaho, 300 of his 2,000 employees are refugees.

This unique election season has created an atmosphere that has been dangerous for Chobani. Chobani has received severe criticism for employing too many refugees. Mr. Ulukaya has been accused of “drowning the United States in Muslims.”

Stories like these prove that Islamophobia is a growing problem in the US. When companies striving to provide opportunity for refugees are being threatened and boycotted, we have a problem. Extreme conservatives and all those who have Islamophobia are destroying the American dream. In a way all of us come from immigrant and refugee decent. How can we now turn our backs on those seeking refuge? How can we now criticize people like Mr. Ulukaya who are generously helping others to realize the American dream?