Daniel Ortega has been the president of Nicaragua for the last nine years.  His wife, Rosario Murillo, has fulfilled a powerful position as first lady by his side.  Throughout he husband’s presidency, Murillo has been actively involved and has played a huge role in influencing politics.  But now, she wants even more.  She has officially decided to be her husband’s running mate, and run for vice president in Nicaragua’s upcoming election.

Murillo has definitely come a long way, considering where she started.  Before meeting and eventually marrying Ortega, she was a working single mother during the Sandinista revolution.  She was always interested and involved in politics, so becoming first lady of Nicaragua was only the first step in her journey towards political power.  She has gained the support of men and even more importantly, women all over the country.  Some even say that she has more supporters than her husband, the president himself.

However, many others see Murillo as a troubling figure trying to secure the future of the Ortega family in Nicaraguan politics and power.  People are worried that this will only give the Ortega family even more power.  This is especially concerning as Nicaragua is still in a fragile state of having just recently put democratic elections into place.

Looking at the way things are going, it seems that the reelection of President Ortega and the election of Murillo as vice president are almost guaranteed.  So what will this mean for Nicaragua’s political future and what are the implications?  This concentration of power points only towards corruption and future political unrest.

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