President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines has taken some of the spotlight away from his partner in crime, Donald Trump, with his, nothing short of vulgar, comments since taking the presidency earlier this year. Looking back at the frankly offensive remarks he’s made, shows the path that he has now taken and maybe even the path that might befall the United States after November 8th.

In September he began, what has now been condemned as a violation of human rights, the purging of drug dealers and drug addicts, by comparing it to Hitler massacring millions of Jews. He has a more than one occasion, damaged ties with the United States by using explicative language to demean President Obama. Calling him a son of a whore and to go to hell. No one is safe from his judgement and profanities, he called Pope Francis “a son of a whore” because when he visited, the president got stuck in traffic.

President Duterte has joked and indirectly advocated rape and talked explicitly about his private parts and bragged about being a womaniser. I wish that I could say no country should stand behind such an individual, especially one that the rest of the world looks up to. However, the United States doesn’t have a lot of ethos to condone such talk, due to the current acceptance of similar statements being said by our own self-chosen leaders.