Hillary Clinton has had an awful couple of weeks. After it seemed that Clinton would just walk into the White House with little resistance from Trump, the election seems to be slipping away from her. After the explosive revelations from the FBI about a possible new batch of emails, Hillary Clinton’s chances have dropped considerably. Now, it seems that it is not going to get any better. The African-American vote has dropped from 2008 and 2012, which is worrying for the Democrats. Participation among African-Americans has dropped by 16% in the crucial swing states of North Carolina and Florida, while white voter participation has increased. This is devastating news to Clinton as her strategy of winning the competitive swing states depends on high minority turnout. Democrats are pinning the blame on voter ID laws and other changes to voting rules that has caused a drop in participation. For example, a county that used to have numerous places to drop off ballots in 2012 now only has one. Others theorize that it’s because it has taken longer for undecided voters to decide how they are voting. This decrease in African-American turnout presents a big challenge for the Democrats in the post-Obama era. If they are to win this election, they will need to drive turnout up. I just do not see how the Democrats can recover. The FBI revelations have gravely injured the Democrat’s chances of winning. This opens the path for Trump, who is gleefully realizing that his chances are growing daily. What do you all think? Can Clinton and the Democrats still win?

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