With the ever increasing refugee population in Europe, terror threats are becoming more and more apparent. Some refugees with inside information are providing intel to German defense forces pertaining to potential terror threats within the refugee population. Some prominent individuals with ties to major terror organizations and war criminals have been discovered in Germany due to the help from other refugees.

Some of this information has led to 80 in depth investigations of terror threats in Germany. This is, however, out of a total of 445 reports. This means that about 365 of the reports have been lacking in viable evidence. Germany reports that there are too many reports to look at each one separately and individually. There are just simply not enough resources to follow each potential lead. Some of these leads have turned out to be nothing more than personal grudges.

The question arises; how does a government promise security its people when even talk of terrorist threats is spread on social media and throughout populations? I find it a bit frightening as well that some of these refugees are indeed a threat to society. I think that Europe is going to find more of these situations as in depth security measures are taken.