The UN is encouraging the South Sudan government to defuse ethnic tensions in the area. Recently, a bus passing through the Equatoria region of South Sudan was ambushed and reported twenty one civilians dead. These civilians were Dinkas. There have been hate letters sent to the region and even the president himself, who is a Dinka, threatened that he would lead military to take care of those responsible for the killings. Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein,the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, said about this,”Hateful ethnic rhetoric in South Sudan … can have devastating consequences for entire communities, quickly spiraling into a cycle of revenge attacks.” This is not the first ethnic rivalry in Sudan.

It amazes me that one can hate someone simply based on the ethnicity or something of that nature. Perhaps it is the American equality rhetoric that was used on me in school, the ‘love your neighbor’ propaganda’, or perhaps just I’m learning from history, but whatever it is, this situation still blows my mind. I do feel I am oversimplifying it by putting it in my narrow LDS, American viewpoint, but still. It makes me sad.