turkish-opposition-newspaperOne of Turkey’s stated goals for he future is to be deemed worthy of entry into the European Union. To do so, they have to show a certain level of economic and political stability, a strong sense of civil and human rights, control over immigration and borders, and a commitment to democracy. Efforts to gain support within the EU for entry were seriously hurt earlier this year when a military coup almost overthrow the government, along with intermittent terror attacks the Turkish government has seemingly been powerless to stop. Concerns over Turkeys commitment to democracy and human rights were strengthened this week as the Turkish government cracked down on free speech by detaining the leader of Turkey’s most prominent opposition newspaper along with 13 of its employees. The stated reason was that this newspaper had been supporting terrorist factions inside Turkey, but it smacks conspicuous considering the newspapers recent words and the governments efforts to reconsolidate power following the attempted coup. The world is rooting for Turkey to get to a place where it can be accepted into the EU, but it doesn’t seem to be headed in the right direction.

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