I am always surprised to see how often this story is overlooked and largely ignored. The fact that Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump were(are) friends seems to have been largely ignored by both campaigns. It is true that Donald Trump has somehow been able to dismiss his relationship with the Clintons in the primaries. However, there is significant evidence that their relationship runs deeper than what both has led on.

I will not go on more about their relationship but would like to focus on the significance of Trump being friends with Clinton. Donald Trump is without a doubt the worst thing that has happened to the Republican Party. He has successfully alienated all sorts of American demographics and has forced them to turn to the Democrats for hope. Additionally, he has mobilized an increasingly nasty demographic. White. Uneducated. Voters. Traditional Republicans have been forced between a rock and a hard place, as they try to maintain their relationship with constituent minorities and still show party loyalty.

Donald Trump has been able to do more damage to the Republican brand than any other Democrat ever. His nomination to presidential candidate has been disastrous and could result in the collapse of the Republican party and the reformation of the Democratic party. The fact that the two are friends makes you wonder, how a single individual could cause so much damage unintentionally… and result in the elevation of an old friend to the presidency.