A picture of the god Shiva over an Islamic shrine in Mecca that was posted to Facebook has sparked a violent response by Muslims in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The incident occurred this past Saturday with the mob attacking and injuring twenty people. Assaults on Hindus in the country are sadly not unusual. Bangladesh is a majority Muslim country with Hindus making up approximately eleven percent of the population. What makes this situation, sadly, unique is the unusual amount of coordination between mobs as they attacked Hindu neighborhoods. Four other attacks also occurred during this one in an event that is both unusual and alarming.

Attacks were also committed against Hindu holy shrines in a one-upping of the other side. The assault on Hindu holy shrines is also nothing new in the country. But the attacks have other people in the country worried. Bangladeshi journalists have criticized the situations and expressed concern over the viability of the government with this rise in attacks on the country’s pluralistic society.


Picture taken from topnews.com