Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event in Dallas, Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

You may be one of the many “silent Trump supporters” that isn’t socially allowed to voice your alliance with the real-estate mogul. You may be a moderate, torn between choosing Trump and Clinton, siding with whichever candidate you find to be “the lesser of two evils.” You may be a traditional conservative that has decided to vote for McMullin, thus allowing you to sleep well at night. Perhaps you’re a lifelong liberal, and Hillary has been the presidential hope you’ve been waiting your entire life for. Or, in some cases, you may be a disgusted Sanders advocate, extremely unhappy with the establishment and both candidates.

Whatever your political outlook may be, you’d probably agree that Donald Trump has said a few things you wish he hadn’t, and that he should wish he hadn’t. It’s apparent that Mr. Trump doesn’t care for political correctness, basing his campaign on the fact that he isn’t a career politician.

As I write this, I hope you restrain from proving me right and writing angry comments about how Trump is “racist”, “sexist”, “evil”, etc. Let’s try to look at the Republican candidate through neutral glasses.

However regretful some of his rhetoric may be, many Americans love it. As such, he’s been labeled a “populist” candidate. Thousands of Americans, feeling disenfranchised and distant from DC, agree with what Mr. Trump says. Among his supporters are many white men and women that didn’t attend university, and haven’t been political involved in other elections. Because of this, national media outlets are labeling his supporters as being uneducated, white, red-necks; which seems to be acceptable. It may shock some to know that a few of Trump’s supporters have, in fact, graduated college, and that some of his supporters aren’t neo-nazis. We’re keen to criticize these first time voters, while having praised the increase in African-American voting during the Obama campaigns.

Perhaps his ideas are popular because many Americans actually agree with them. Whether you and I agree with the unorthodox and sometimes offensive platform Donald Trump has taken is our own matter. It is unfair for us to label him and all his supporters as bad people, as they are often depicted. We criticize him for being politically incorrect and insensitive, yet when we talk about the republican nominee, we ourselves are politically incorrect and insensitive.

Though this post was centered on Trump, seeing as it’s seemingly socially unacceptable to support him, the same goes for Mrs. Clinton. I hope that we can disagree with someone’s political opinion without reverting to primative name calling to get our point across.

It will all end tomorrow. Hopefully.

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