Although Hillary Clinton is posed to win the election tomorrow, many say that there are a large group of “hidden” Trump voters. Understanding whether these voters are out there could indicate if Trump actually has a shot at this election. So, do these voters actually exist?

The cited NY Times articles explained that a Cornell public opinion poll indicated a portion of voters that may be in this group, yet the majority will most likely stay home on Election Day. Though this may happen, I argue that the “Bradley Effect” may happen as well, which gives another line of reasoning to why there might be undercover voters coming out to vote for Trump. The Bradley Effect comes from a study in California. This study explains that many opinion polls before the election highlighted a high number of people planning on voting for an African-American candidate for Governor. Yet, on Election Day, an even larger portion of the electorate voted for the white candidate. This went on to show that many people will give a more politically correct opinion in a phone-call poll, yet on Election Day they will vote for who they really want. In a world where people are somewhat chastised for supporting Trump, closet Trump voters may simply be giving the “right answer” in these polls. It is easy to break character on the phone, but on Election Day these voters may be more likely to vote without this social surveillance response. Of course, tomorrow we find out the results. But one thing is for certain: there will be at least a couple Trump voters coming out of the shadows to vote for the man that they secretly support.