Jordan and the United States have been longtime allies, frequently working together with military forces. However, on Friday, at the Jordan Air Base, three American military trainers were shot to death. These men were appointed to help upgrade Jordan’s armed forces. It remains unclear what the motive behind the attack was, yet the Jordanian military claims that the trainers failed to stop as they pulled up to a gate to enter the air base.

Almost a year ago to the day, a Jordanian police captain killed two American contractors at a training facility. Therefore, while Jordan and the US have had good relations in the past, but now attacks are becoming more consistent.  While we still do not know whether this attack on Friday was an accident or a manifestation of rebellion, the investigation will continue in order to verify the details of the attack. Jordanian officials stated that the attack most likely stemmed from some confusion. Also, Jordanian officials stated that there was an exchange of gunfire. The Americans did not confirm this, but said that the American trainers clearly would have known to stop at a gate when entering a base. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, the relations between these two allied countries will certainly suffer as a result. The United States will have one less country it can rely on in the near future as we continue to fight against the Islamic State.