In Australia, it is recorded that 70% of the country’s population would vote in favor of legalizing same sex marriage. However, many senators from the Greens and Labor party along with lawmakers from other parties joined together to block the plebiscite that would allow Australia’s Marriage Act to be revised with a vote of 33-29. However, the issue for voting against this plebiscite was not that the senators were resisting equality in marriage; Many felt that this course would be a “platform for hate speech”, and for that reason opposed the action. More than 2/3rds of the Australian population want gay marriage to be legal. General George Brandis speaking to senators opposing the bill said “stop playing politics with gay people’s lives.” This topic has everyone on their feet toting around their own banner of opinion, but what is to be done? Would passing this bill do more harm for the gay community then good? Would putting this topic in the limelight of debate bring down others, and if so is it worth it be worth it for those who it means most to?