The deceased dictator Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines is reportedly planned to be buried in the country’s Heroes’ Cemetery. The decision was made by the Supreme Court, who voted 9 to 5 in favor of Marcos’ burial in the revered cemetery. The idea was proposed by current Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte said that his reasoning for doing so is that, “[Marcos’] military service qualified him for the honor.”

Other members of Congress including Neri Comenares of the Bayan Muna party says that the burial of Marcos in the Heroes’ Cemetery ,”makes a mockery of all the people who stood up against Marcos in the People Power revolution in 1986.” Her next statement was definitely poignant and illustrates the concern that not only filipinos are dealing with, but also other Asian nations feel as the Philippines swings towards China. She says, “It is a tectonic shift in the court and our social system and speaks to the growing authoritarianism that is gaining ground here in the Philippines.”

Marcos’ son argued that, “This is an important step in the healing and reconciliation process.” This could influence, however, the influence of President Duterte in the country, as many will likely protest the burial. He depends upon public opinion for his power. It also “could backfire on [Duterte]. It is another distraction, along with his war on drugs. He should be focusing more on developing the economy instead.” Mr. Colmenares feels that Duterte should focus less on these issue and focus more on the economy.