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The US is backing a militia movement on the ISIS capital in Syria, joined by a Kurdish-Arab militia. This motion is an attempt to cut-off the supply of arms and fighters being provided to this city. The United States defense secretary stated publicly that he was openly welcoming the start of the militia’s operation because this was the next step. American planes were flying bombing missions over the capital of the Islamic States “leadership, command, control and resources” in Raqqa- and they are also accumulating more forces (especially Arabs) in order to eventually attack the city.

Turkey, one of our allies in this area, was objected to our attacks of Raqqa, especially by using Kurdish forces in Syria. Apparently, the Turkish government fears that this uprising will cause aspirations for autonomy within their own Kurdish population. However, Turkey is willing to provide military support to the cause. Additionally, France is supportive of the decisions to attack ISIS headquarters.

This attack is planned in 3 phases, and the first and second phases are already underway. The third phase is the attack on the city, which may not happen for some time because those forces involved are not yet fully trained, and they are trying to recruit more Arab forces. In my opinion, I think that they need to start these attacks! Obviously ISIS knows that they are being attacked in Raqqa, and if these forces don’t move in on the city, the Islamic States can plan an attack from their capital, and ruin phase 3 of this operation.

This article really emphasized that the United States is helping train, but that they want the attack to be mostly by Arabs since Raqqa is a predominantly Arab city. I think that this is good that the US isn’t in the front lines of this attack, but rather is hanging back and doing their part from a distance to make this attack happen, but not all by themselves. I think that this is a good strategy to help them be more self-sufficient and learn to defend themselves.

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