Brexit was ‘a type and a shadow’ of things to come, a milder version of the United State’s latest catastrophe. Older voters overwhelmed the youthful voice, turning the country on it’s head in an angry rejection of the established elite. Both the election of Donald Trump and Brexit have left the global landscape waffling in economic, domestic, security-related-you name it-uncertainty.

Mr. Trump told a rally: “It will be an amazing day, it will be called ‘Brexit plus plus plus!’ You know what I mean?”

The past decade has seen enormous cultural shifts. Racial issues have come to the forefront of American politics, discussions of sexuality and the institution of marriage have shook the courts world-wide, and immigration and terrorism have waltzed onto the international policy stage. Facing norms shifts, more conservative individuals back-lashed, and continue to ‘fight the system’. A tide of white nationalism is rising throughout the globe. The water line has now reached the power line; populist politics are now power politics.

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