This year China decided not to make a trade target, a totaled measure of imports and exports, having not reached their 6% increase goal last year, or their 7.5% goal this year. This year, they have no only not reached any sort of increase, but have had a 7.6% decrease in imports and exports in the first 10 moths of 2016.

Being the world’s second largest-economy, it is shocking and maybe worrying that the import and export rates in China have been continually decreasing. However, this last month was a smaller decrease margin the month before, with September at 10%, and October only at 7.3% decrease for last year.

It has been the decrease in demand that has caused the decreasing trade percentages in China. Not only this, but the demand for product was also decreased because of the two typhoons in September, and that could be a big reason trade picked up in October. Just as the big storm blocking trade eventually passed, hopefully this trade decrease shall pass too.