Regardless of partisanship, yesterday could have been a milestone for women across America. Hillary Clinton went farther than any women in breaking the biggest glass ceiling, but it was not to be. Millions of women across the country voted for the first major female presidential candidate. Many, including Republican strategists, believed that it was to be Clinton’s night. These women believed that their time had come. That America would finally overcome another hurdle in the pursuit of gender equality. Needless to say, the hearts of millions of women were broken, and their dream of seeing a female president shattered. Mothers who stood in line with their daughters to vote did not know how they could break the news to them in the morning.

Many felt that she lost by being disrespected and degraded by Trump and the right-wing media. One women felt that is was “soul-crushing and gut-wrenching to accept misogyny of the US.” I feel sympathy towards these women. I, too, am disappointed with the results of the election, but we need to pick ourselves up and push forward. Yesterday, in my opinion, will be remembered as a dark day in our politics. Not because a women did not win, but because the man who did was wholly unfit and undeserving of the highest office of a county that was built on values that he trashed over the course of his campaign. Hopefully, we will have another opportunity to right the wrongs that we have committed. I know we will. I know will because we have done it before. Much like a hopeful mother told her daughter, “The good news is, you now have a chance to be the first woman president.”  The glass ceiling is still there, but its cracked and ready to break.

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