The country is in denial today—who would have thought a year ago that Trump, a billionaire playboy would rise to the presidency of the United States: a system founded on upstanding and God-fearing men.

How on earth did he do it? Holman Jenkins from the WSJ offers his insights.

Trump never stopped being an entertainer in his campaign. Though his approach went over the heads of the media, in one way it was genius: He basically stopped trying to convince anybody soon after his famous escalator ride in the Trump Tower in Manhattan. He only needed to keep his fans fired up for the long wait until election day.

The question remains: was he inventing a reality show to keep his audience from drifting off? Or is he really serious about banning Muslims from the country or building a wall around Mexico?

Jenkins states, “Whatever his public persona, in his business life he has shown himself to be shrewd, flexible and capable of learning—especially from his own failed episodes of risk-taking.” I pray that Trump and his GOP-led Congress will (positively) surprise us all.

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